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Online monotonic sequence calculator is the best online tool that helps to calculate the function of a monotone easily in a fraction of seconds. All you need to do is give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button then get the answers instantly.

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How to Solve if a Function is a Monotone?

The monotonic sequence is a set of numbers it is always either increasing or decreasing. 

an <= an+1 (Increasing of monotonic sequence)

a>= an+1 (Decreasing of monotonic sequence)

Now, we are going to see the steps that are given below to calculate the monotonic sequence easily.

  • Firstly, give the values that are given in the problem.
  • After that, we need to simplify the equations.
  • Then you will see the answers in a monotonic sequence.


Question: Find the first four terms of an = n / (n+1) to see the monotonic sequence?


Given, an = n / (n+1)

where, n = 1,2,3,4

a1 = 1 / (1+1) = 1/2.

a2 = 2 / (2+1) = 2/3.

a3 = 3 / (3+1) = 3/4.

a4 = 4 / (4+1) = 4/5.

Therefore the four terms to see the monotonic sequence is 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5. is a huge collection of online calculators for plenty of concepts in sequences. Explore it and make your calculations easy.

FAQs on Monotonic Sequence Calculators

1. What is a monotonic sequence?

The monotonic sequence is a set of numbers it is either always increasing or always decreasing.

2. How to use this monotonic sequence calculator?

Step 1: Give the inputs in the input field.

Step 2: Then you need to click on the calculate button.

Step 3: Finally, you will get the answer immediately.

3. Which type of sequence is monotonic and non-monotonic?

If the sequence is always increasing or always decreasing then that sequence is monotonic. And the sequences are up and down then it is non-monotonic.

4. Which tool is the best to calculate the monotonic function?

Monotonic Sequence Calculator is the best online tool to calculate the monotonic function.