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Limit of Sequence Calculator

Function [Ex: (2*x^2-x-1)/(x-1)]
Limit [Ex: inf, integers (0, 1, 2, ...)]

Limit of Sequence Calculator

Avail Limit of Sequence Calculator given here to solve your complex problems very easily. Simply provide the inputs and click on the Calculate button to get the required output. This Limit of Sequence Calculator handy tool is easy to use and provides the steps for easy understanding of the topic.

Limit of Sequence Calculator: Finding the Limit of Sequences is not so simple and easy for everyone. It may consist of difficult mathematical operations which can deplete your time and energy. So, here is the best solution for your problem, a free online Limit of Sequence Calculator that gives a precise solutions for your problems quickly.

What are Limits?

A limit is a point or a value that is as close to the desired value as possible of a sequence, function, or sum of a series that can be made to approach progressively.

What is the Limit Of Sequence?

A limit is a point or a value that is as close to the desired value as possible of a sequence, function, or sum of a series that can be made to approach progressively. Those sequences that follow this pattern are termed as ‘Convergent’ whereas those that do not follow this pattern are termed as ‘Divergent’.

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How to Find the Limit of a Sequence?

Evaluating a Limit means finding an answer, or final value. So, there are a few different methods to evaluate the sequence limits.

  1. Substitution

Here, you just put in the value. & calculate the answer.

  1. Factoring

Here, simplify the numerator & denominator & calculate the answer.

  1. Conjugation

Here, you have to multiply numerator & denominator by conjugate to simplify the equation & calculate the answer.

  1. Rational functions.

Here, the function is the ratio of two polynomials & the limit value is zero or infinity. By finding the degree of a function, we can calculate the answer.

  1. L’Hospital’s Rule

Here, using this rule, we can calculate answers to the functions which are giving indeterminate answers by other methods.

  1. Formal Method

Here, we can calculate the answer by making or assuming variable x closer to some value (let’s say a).

Solved Example of Finding the Sequence Limits with Steps

Example: Determine the limit of the given Sequence.



Solving the given sequence,


So, the limit of the given sequence is 11/12.

FAQs On Free Online Limit Calculator with Steps

1. Is the limit of a sequence unique?

In Mathematics, A theorem for Sequences says that, If a sequence of real numbers {an}n∈N has a limit, then this limit is unique.

2. Does every sequence have a Limit point?

Yes, every sequence has at least one limit point. The limit superior and limit inferior are examples of limit points of the sequence.

3. What does a unique Limit mean?

According to the uniqueness theorem for limits: If the limit exists at (in the sense of existence as a finite real number) then it is unique.