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Infinite Series Calculator

Sum of (GP Series Only)
to Infinity

Infinite Sequence Calculator

An infinite sequence calculator is an online tool that helps to calculate the sum of the given function for the given limits. For faster calculations, use our calculator by just giving the inputs in the input fields and getting the concerned output.

Infinite Sequences Calculator: Thinking that finding the sum of an infinite sequence is not an easy task. But it is easy with our infinite sequence calculator tool. Just give the inputs and get the quick output in a small number of seconds. Also provided some steps and solved examples on how to calculate the sum of the infinite sequences.

How to Find the Sum of the Infinite Sequences of Function Manually?

Infinite series is the sum of the values in an infinite sequence of numbers. The infinite sequence is represented as (∑) sigma. Now, we will see the standard form of the infinite sequences is 

Σ0  rn


o is the upper limit.

∞ is the lower limit.

r is the function.

The infinite sequence of a function is 

Σ0 rn = 1/(1-r).

Now we will look into the steps that are given below to calculate the sum of the infinite sequences of a function easily. 

  • Take the given function that was given in the problem.
  • Convert the given function into the standard form of infinite sequences.
  • Apply the infinite sequences of the formula.
  • After simplifying it we will get the answer easily.


Question: Evaluate the sum of Σ0 1/5n?


Given, Σ0 1/5n

r = 1/5

Apply the formula,

Σ0 rn = 1/(1-r)

Σ0∞ (1/5)n = 1 / ( 1 - (1/5))

 = 1 / 0.8 

 = 1.25.

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FAQs on Infinite Sequence Calculator

1. How do we use our infinite sequence calculator tool?

 All we need to do is give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button that gives the answers easily.

2. How to calculate the infinite sequence easily?

The infinite sequence can be calculated by the formula Σ0 rn = `1/(1-r)`.

3. What is the standard form of the infinite sequence?

A standard form of the infinite sequence is Σ0  rn.

4. Which tool is best to find the infinite sequence?

The infinite sequence calculator is the best online tool to find the infinite sequence.