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Geometric Sequence Equation Calculator

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Geometric Sequence Equation Calculator

A geometric sequence equation calculator is a user-friendly tool that calculates the sum of the geometric sequence easily. This calculator makes the calculation faster. For using this calculator, you need to give input parameters and just tap the calculate button that gives the result in seconds.

Geometric Sequence Equation Calculator: Finding a sum of a geometric sequence is not a difficulty anymore. All you can do is use our calculator tool that helps you to know more about the geometric sequence. As we have given definitions, formulas, solved examples of the concept along with the calculator. you can see step by step process on how to calculate the geometric sequence manually. This calculator makes your work easy.

What is a Geometric Sequence?

The geometric sequence in other words we can call geometric progression. A geometric sequence is a sequence of non-zero numbers by using the common ratio each term will be multiplied by its previous term. In the geometric sequence, we have finite and infinite terms. And if we see the formula of geometric progression.

an = a*rn - 1 


r is the common ratio.

n is the number of terms.

How to Find the Geometric Sequence?

Following are the guidelines that are given below to calculate the geometric sequence easily.

  • Take the values that were given in the problem.
  • After that, apply the formula.
  • And substitute the values in the formula.
  • Finally, you will get the answers.


Question: Find the geometric sequence up to 3 terms if first term(a) = 5, and common ratio(r) = 3. 


Given, r =3, a1 = 5.

As we know, 

an = a*rn - 1 

a1 = 5 × 31 - 1= 5.

a= 5 × 32 - 1= 15.

a3 = 5 × 33 - 1= 45.

Therefore, the geometric sequence is {5,15,45}

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FAQs on Geometric Sequence Equation Calculator

1.  What is the geometric sequence?

A geometric sequence is is a sequence of non-zero numbers by using the common ratio each term will be multiplied by its previous term. 

2. How do you calculate the geometric sequence equation?

The geometric sequence can be calculated by using the formula, an = a*rn - 1 .

3. How to use this geometric sequence equation calculator?

Simply, you can give the inputs in the input fields and then click on the calculate button so that you will get the answers easily.